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Publishing Features

Brabble gives you more ways to create and share your experiences, ideas and talents.

45 Second Video

With our in-app video camera, you can capture up to 45 seconds of continuous video & multiple video clips or upload videos from your device.

Share Photos

You can take pictures using the in app camera or upload existing photos from your device.

5 Minute Audio

Just tap and record. With Brabble's simple audio recording UI it's easy to record up to 5 minutes of your roommate singing in the shower.

Selective Sharing

Share your content to everyone who's on Brabble, your friends, your followers, or just a select few.

Social Sharing

We're not greedy. Share your Brabbles to Facebook and Twitter, too.

Save for Later

In a rush? In a bad network area? Capture the moment now and publish it later at a more convenient time for you.

Selective Sharing

Your conversations, your audience. Show off the video of the impossible 1080 ollie you pulled off to the world. Share an embarrassing photo of yourself from freshman year to your friends. It's your choice.

  • World - Share to everyone in the Brabble world.
  • Followers - Share to Brabblers who are following you.
  • Friends - Share to Brabblers who follow you that you follow back.
  • Private - Share your brabble to a special someone or specific group of people.

Finally, someone's got your back.

Admit it. Replying with just text is getting boring. Brabble helps you create richer conversations by allowing you to reply with videos, photos and audio too. We got your brabbleback!